Being a Bow Escorts helped me with my education.



One of the best things in life is to finish our studies. Education is essential to everyone as if is the key to success. Many people have been a fool and called dumb because they do not know anything, they seem to be ignorant, maybe they got values, but nowadays people always look on your degrees and if you have nothing to finish you are trash and not deserve to be respected. Lots of peoples want to go to school, but the problem is a shortage of money and poverty. Some uneducated people are fast to believe in what they told us because they respect highly the educated one which is sometimes disastrous since some people love to take for granted them.


Especially those people living in the remote area we know how hard to them their situation sometimes their lands get by the government and they cannot do about it since they are only them. My only dream in life is to finish my studies; I admired people who have graduated from college and got a good job. Many people have gone anywhere and do as much as they want because they got a good salary now. I wish I could too. I want to become a teacher and teach students, and it is my ultimate passion. But sometimes, life is so unfair to give me this boring life and poor. We live in a dummy site of Bow, London as it is free and our home is made with used cloth and some garbage’s.


My parents cannot be able to send me to school, and I don’t want to miss each year of class. So, even when I am young, I learn to clean household chores, selling rags in the street to earn extra money and finance my school. Well, lucky for me I have finished elementary through my hard work. I feel happy about it that until secondary I have graduated. But when things went well, expect something wrong to happen, my parents got an accident in the factory, and both of them are critical, they were admitted in a public hospital, but the doctor refuses it and needs to move to private since they do not have enough tools to use for surgery. They need big money to continue the operation. I go panic and do not know what to do. My only choice is to auditioned as Bow Escorts, and I was hired. I have helped my parents to pay the bills and also, I have enrolled in college. For four years in college, I cannot think enough being a Bow Escorts from that helped me with my education.


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