Three Japanese Men And Their London Escort Experience

The flight from Japan to London was long, and the three businessmen were already tired when they arrived in London. The next day they had to go straight to their business conference. The conference dragged on all day and seemed to not be ending anytime soon. When it was finally over it was time to relax. They had come to London for business, but they were hoping to find a little pleasure as well.

They were so tired and needed some refreshments to help ease the day. They wanted to have some quality time with some sexy London girls. So they went online, found Eve London escorts, and decided on two beautiful ladies to hire to come have a little fun with them. They could not wait for them to arrive. They had heard a lot about London ladies and how pleasant, sexy, and sexually talented they are. After a short while the two escorts arrived at their luxury hotel suite. The three Japanese men were a little bit shy at first. The ladies, on the other hand, were very friendly. Before too long they were really hitting it off.

They ordered few drinks and some chocolate covered strawberries to try and please the ladies and help everyone relax. This was truly going to be a nice experience for them. The girls suggested a little dance to ease the awkwardness the three men felt. One of the girls grabbed the remote, turned on the TV, and found one of the music stations. Then all of them began dancing as the girls also began stripping off their clothes. Before they knew it, the girls were giving them lap dances and everyone seemed to really be having a lot of fun.

To these men the legends seemed to be true! These London girls were amazing. They were two of the most beautiful ladies any of them had ever had the pleasure of being around. The girls both gave impressive blowjobs. Then the men took turns fucking the ladies. Once the men had all had their fill, they laid around about ready to pass out. Their evening had been made great by the Eve London escorts. After the ladies left the men went to sleep. They had another conference meeting the following day and needed to get some sleep. They vowed to contact the escorts again as soon as their business in London was finished, for another fun time before they were to fly back to Japan.

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