My husband doesn’t know that I am a London Escort

I hope this blog post will help you better understand the story of what it’s like to be a London escort of If you or someone close has ever contemplated hiring an escort, please try and remember this article.

I am not ashamed of what I do – but my husband doesn’t know that I am a  London escort. To him, I’m just his wife who is at home cooking dinner for him every night while he comes home from work to enjoy our family day. He has no idea that every week, after the kids are in bed, I put on a fashionable dress and go out with a man who treats me as if I was royalty. He has no idea that I am giving millions of men what they crave – the ability to step out of their normal lives for two hours, and experience something new and exciting.


When my husband works, he’s usually at the office by 8.15am. But instead of leaving me alone to get on with our daily routines, he likes to come home around 5pm so I can clean up before dinner. He will also often knock on my bedroom door so he can tell me about his day at work or what’s happening with the kids. It’s on those days that I’m not dressed up that he comes into our bedroom without knocking first.


My husband pays me to be at home with him, on the condition that I clean the house, cook dinner and put the kids to bed. He chooses to go out with his friends during the week, so I don’t mind bearing all of these responsibilities on my own. When he gets home from work, he is very relaxed and happy to see me. We often sit down for dinner together as a family, but afterwards my husband wants to go out with his friends – without me.


It’s not that I mind going out – I think it’s great to go out with your husband and friends. But he wants to always choose when we go out. So when his friends offer to bring me along, it makes my husband happy and I feel like a real high class London escort. This is something my husband would only know if he only knew the truth about me – that I am a London escort who sees him on a weekly basis for this couple of hours.


My husband tells his friends that he’s not interested in dating any women online or any London escorts because they are too demanding. So I’m hired to be his girlfriend whenever he wants to go out with the guys. The guys are only happy to have me because they think I’m my husband’s wife so they can get more of his attention away from me.


When my husband gets home after a night out, he often tells me that he is tired so I should go to bed. But instead of me heading upstairs to our ensuite bedroom, I am told to sit down in the living room where he is sitting with his friends. I know that taking off my clothes for him – which all of these men want – would anger him if he knew that it was for money. So that is why I don’t do it.


My husband and his friends say that it’s OK for me to lie and say I’m not feeling well because I’ve got a cold. But the truth is that they want me to lie! They make up these stories about how my husband and I can’t get any time together because I’m too busy at work, but in reality they’re just lazy and don’t want to bother to take care of their responsibilities at home.


When he goes out with his friends, my husband gives me $200 or $300 depending on how much he has had to drink when we get home from the club. The money doesn’t really excite me as i make more than that London escorts.

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